Taking the routine out of exercise routines

For many people, even the thought of going for a morning jog or heading to the gym is enough to bring them out in a sweat. Indeed, getting and staying motivated is the biggest challenge of all, especially as exercise routines can be downright boring and, well, routine. Without the luxury of a personal trainer hollering commands and cracking the whip, it is all too easy to lose motivation and gain the pounds.

The key to maintaining an exercise program on a regular basis is to make exercise something to look forward to and not feel like a chore. The idea is to entertain your mind as well as exercising your body. When exercising, picture your muscles. Studies have shown that if you focus your thoughts on the muscles you are working, they will respond better. This will also keep your mind occupied and focused on the job at hand.

One of the best forms of motivation for unmotivated individuals is to exercise with a friend. This way you can challenge each other, keep each other motivated and on track. Much more fun can be had with a friend, especially if you are contorting your limbs into strange shapes in the studio. Trying something different each time will help stimulate a bored mind. If you go to the gym everyday and use the same piece of equipment, try mixing up your routine, reverse your routine or just change the order. Functional exercise routines work best when they target different areas of the body at each training session. Mix up some cardiovascular work with resistance or weight lifting for upper body one day and lower body the next. With regular work, this is the best system to use as it allows your muscles periods of rest and recuperation.

Now the weather is improving, getting out and about is an ideal way to spice up your exercise routine. Try alternating gym work with some outdoor exercise. You don’t always need to have a strict routine, just get out and work your muscles. If you want to lose weight, go to the park for some circuit training. Do a combination of jogging and walking for a distance of around 200ft. Jog for 200ft then drop and do 10 push-ups, walk the next 200ft then drop and do 20 abdominal crunches, then jog the next 200ft and do 10 squats, and repeat. Include hill climbs for a harder workout. Try something new like going for a hike on a hiking trail. Even a hearty walk in the park is a good way to get exercise. A little yoga is a nice relaxing way to exercise your body and your mind. A dance class can provide a little pleasure to your day. The important thing is that you incorporate exercise in any various forms into your everyday life. Making variety the exercise of the day will help to encourage lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime. These are the ones that are the hardest to break.