Lunch Box Baddies

Your childs lunchbox could contain more than 12 teaspoons of sugar, says Which? The consumer champion assessed the nutritional content of items targeted at childrens lunchboxes and found that the healthy impression they gave was often far from reality. To help families to pick out healthier food, Which? wants robust rules on when products can makes health and nutrition claims. This would stop manufacturers from making items that contain high amounts of sugar, fat and salt from appearing healthier than they are. Martyn Hocking, Editor, Which? magazine says: “Parents should be able topick out healthy products for their kids lunchboxes but what you see isn’t always what you get. Someproducts give the impression of being healthy but are full of salt and sugar” “The best way to beat the lunchbox baddies is by checking the nutrition and ingredient information. We’d also like to seee the rules on health and nutrition claims made tougher so that there’s less confusion on the supermarkert shelves.”
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