On Sunday 7 March the churches on the Peninsula will be sharing an evening together at Hoo St Werburgh parish church. This is the next of our periodical Peninsula Prayer and Praise evenings and starts at 1830. All are welcome.

There is something good about Christians from various churches and denominations coming together to worship God, to pray together and to get to know each other. A while ago we, the church leaders, decided to crystallise our desire to be in unity with each other in a statement. We agreed the following: “We see ourselves as part of the one Church on the Peninsula, and are committed to respecting one another’s ministries, working and praying together, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and to the Glory of God.”Gone are the days when we sang the children’s chorus “you in your small corner and I in mine.” Thankfully, there is the recognition that we all need each other. The joy is that there is now unity in diversity. We’re not all the same in style, format and elements of belief. But, we are all focused on the aspects that unity us rather than those that divide us.
And what is absolutely core, central, to this unity? Our Lord Jesus Christ. Without Him there is no point or purpose but with Him everything changes. He is the beginning and the end, the all in all. To know Him is Life itself. To find out more, why not visit your local expression of the worldwide church?