Sickly Brits will suffer from an astonishing 6,284 common ailments during their lifetime. A new study shows the average person is set to endure at least 80 ailments including headaches, cramp, back pain and common colds every single year.

This has led to people spending 21 days of every year on pain relief medication, or 1,649 pill-popping days over an average life span of 78.5 years. And the average person is forced to seek medical attention for their ailments at least three times a year. The poll, conducted by, the UK’s first independent comparison site on private health insurance, shows the most common complaint suffered across the nation is frequent bouts of cramp. Cramp affects individuals up to 19 times a year – or 1,492 times over the average life span of 78.5 years. People can also expect to have at least 16 headaches during the course of one year – which equates to 1,256 over a lifetime. And the third ailment most likely to impair every day life is back pain – endured by Brits 14 times a year and an agonising 1,099 times in total.

Richard Theo, Director of said: “While the ailments may seem minor, this survey shows just how disruptive they can be and this figure doesn’t take into account the more serious illnesses which of course can massively affect your life and keep you from work for weeks if not months.” “This is borne out by our business. Yes, many are turning to us simply to scour the entire market to find a better deal, but we’re also seeing a growing number of enquiries from people considering private health insurance for the first time. They tell us that they just cannot afford the disruption to their lives if a problem strikes – they want peace of mind.” Richard continues: “According to CIPD figures, 172 million days were lost last year due to absenteeism, which was estimated to cost the UK economy about £13.2 billion. Musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain were cited as the most common reasons for sick leave.

With the busy lives that we all lead, and with more and more entrepreneurs trying to make a success of things, in what is still a tough time for most UK businesses, people simply can’t take any time off. So they need that safety net if ever something does go wrong.” The poll, among 3,000 adults, reveals the fourth most common ailment as pulled muscles, which pain Brits at least nine times a year; 707 over a lifetime. And fifth in the list of upsets is a cricked neck – set off by simple movements such as sleeping in an unusual position or brushing teeth – which results in five ‘cricks’ a year, 393 over 78.5 years. Other complaints on the sick list include tummy upsets, nose bleeds and strained or sprained wrists and ankles. The results show the average person will have a total of 315 tummy upsets, 157 nose bleeds and 236 strains or sprains in their life time. Ironically, more than half of those polled believe they are fit and healthy – but they still suffered from two common colds, two cuts, an eye infection, ear ache, a bad dose of flu and heartburn over the last 12 months alone.

Richard Theo concludes: “You cannot immunise yourself against every day ailments. They are clearly part and parcel of life, but what you can do is have some protection in place. It’s no longer the preserve of the affluent or ill. With health insurance is accessible to ordinary people trying to protect their everyday lives.”