Growing up, Erol Ahmet, 27 from Cliffe Woods, was interested in the faster side of life. It started with an early interest in Touring Cars, then onto Mini Racing by himself at the age of 14. For Ahmet however, those just didn’t satisfy his need for speed. At 18, Ahmet rode his first motorbike on the road and hasn’t looked back since. It comes as no surprise that Ahmet’s speed demon wanted more, and in 2005 he and a few friends set up Team Highside Racing, Ahmet’s motorbike racing team. It all started when Ahmet took to test rides on open track days, “I took my road bike (ZX6R Ninja) on a couple of track evenings at Brands Hatch and really enjoyed it, so I brought an ex-race bike to do track days on. I did another track day at Brands and thought “sod it, I’ll give racing ago”. That was it! The bug had well and truly bitten!” Ahmet has come a long way since starting on a few simple track days at Brands Hatch, one of Britain’s most famous racetracks. He now has five championships listed on his CV; the New Era Superclub Formula Novice Championship (2005), the New Era Superclub CB500 Cup (2006), the New Era Superclub Honda Hornet Cup (2007), the Derby Phoenix PI600 Championship (2008) and the ThundersportGB Superstock600 Championship (2009). Each time Ahmet had to learn to ride on new and differing bikes, taking to the challenges with ease. Out of those he has managed to secure himself championship winner status twice, coming first in both the New Era Superclub Honda Hornet Cup and in the Derby Phoenix PI600 Championship. Ahmet’s first championship win in the Hornet cup was a proud moment, “after only 3 years of racing I am pretty proud of that, especially when it was such a close fought championship over 11 rounds (22 races). I had beaten guys that had been racing Hornets for years at my first attempt.” Ahmet also pointed out that strict rules were placed on riders and their bikes, “it is a class where talent and not a big wallet count. There are strict rules on tuning so all the bikes are pretty much the same, it is down to the rider to go quickly.” Although Ahmet’s fascination with racing started out as a mere hobby, it has evolved into his passion and over the years he and his team has grown into a professional outfit.
Ahmet’s latest challenge, in the form of the ThundersportGB, saw him race against riders from the British Superstock600, one of which won a round of the British championships.
Ahmet had a tough year racing in this championship, having trouble with a new bike, poor tyres, new circuits to learn and hard competition. Although having to battle past some lows, Ahmet’s efforts did not go past unmissed. The ThundersportGB Superstock 600 Championship was televised on MotorsTV, Ahmet’s efforts being broadcast and also being named as a rider to watch out for by the commentator. Ahmet took to hard challenges with confidence and professionalism and, although having sustained injuries from a crash that put him out of the last race, Ahmet still managed to secure 3rd place overall. Although Ahmet had been facing new challenges and harder competition, this hasn’t knocked his confidence and he has his sights set on gold. Ahmet will be taking part in the same championship next year with renewed vigour and with a realistic chance of winning.
Ahmet hopes that his racing continues for a few more years to come, “I would like to be able to compete and challenge for championships. Ideally with some very supportive sponsors who can help me enjoy my hobby without worrying about whether or not I can make the next round due to lack of funds.” Unlike the Honda Hornet Cup, financial backing to ensure Ahmet races on a top bike is key. Ahmet and his team hope to add another championship title to his glowing CV, but need all the help that they can get from sponsors. With this sort of backing, Ahmet is sure to land 1st place on the podium second time round To sponsor Erol, please call him on 07904835774 or email or see the website