Welcome to the latest report on this seasons Peninsula Darts League. With just four rounds to go to the end of the season the table has a familiar but intriguing look about it. Heading the league with 26 games played three teams are neck and neck! At the very top by dint of legs won are the Wainscott Club, followed by The Prince of Wales and The Hogarth ‘A’ team. Having been successful in 256 legs, Wainscott show a massive superiority in this area,as the other two are respectively 18 and 20 legs behind. Recently The Prince of Wales completely out-played Bottom side The Tudor Rose but still managed to drop two legs with probably their best player (Lee ‘Westy’ West) succumbing to Adrian B&B Belville in their singles contest. Not a result you would expect, but because of the pressure, never altogether surprising. Lee will sure be gunning for revenge when a rematch occurs! But that, of course, only puts a little more pressure to get a result.
And some great news. Regular readers of this report may recall the Darts marathon back in October to raise money for Demelza House. Enough money was made to send Rocco Rossini and his lovely partner Kyra of to scale Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. No spring chicken our Ozzie Rocco and physically tuned to walk the length of the oche, he and Kyra still managed to complete the task and increase the donation by several thousand pounds. Any monday night you will find Rocco and his team mates down at the Railway Tavern in Higham playing a match. With two maximum 180s he’s no slouch there either.
The number of maximums has fallen this year, but far from being a drop in standard, it shows just how challenging the league has been, with high pressure darts being played every week and at every venue. It’s almost a case of you miss I ‘ll hit. One aspect of the league this season are the number of matches going to the wire, only being decided on the last game. So far there have been 45 such matches with even our own wooden spoonists The Tudor Rose in Upnor joining the list. To illustrate the point of the high standard this year there are regularly three dart finishes, with two at 160 leading the way. How long before 170 is ecorded?
Another pleasing development this season is the increase of younger players. The Hogarth ‘A’ team has an average age in the low twenties and the ‘B’ team is very much a junior nursery, all ably and proudly overseen by the leagues chairman Lee Knight. It must be something in the beer up there in distant Grain! To acknowledge this welcome development the Committee have suggested putting forward a team to challenge a team of these young upstarts! Famous last words I fear, but bring it on.
In the next report I will put forward suggestions for the Peninsula Darts League format for next season. Because there has been such a big increase in interest from local pubs and clubs there has been calls to alter things. If you have a venue that might be interested in joining the fun from September, keep an eye on this column or call Mat, our membership secretary on 07734 820130. We can arrange a visit and a starter pack to get you going.
Until next month, happy darting everyone.

Adrian Belleville