Royal Wedding Celebration International Filming. On the afternoon of Wednesday the 27th of April, Members of the Rochester and Chatham Dickens Fellowship (R&CDF) and The Victorian Strollers became TV extras again. Steve Leggett of the Victorian Strollers invited R&CDF Members with Victorian costumes to take part in filming to celebrate the Royal wedding. Filming took place on location at the home of Margret Tyler in Wembley, North London. Margret Tyler is a world renowned collector of Royal memorabilia and her home is dedicated to her collection. During the afternoon Margret and Members of the R&CDF were interviewed and filmed by TV companies from all over the world including: Japan, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, France as well as the BBC. R&CDF Members enthusiastically joined in a champagne tea party held in front of Margret’s house with her friends.
Link to Australian TV show featuring R&CDF Members:-