By Suzan Ahmet

Taking to the track once again, Erol Ahmet from Cliffe Woods makes an excellent start to his racing season by making himself known as a tough contender at the Pembrey round of the Thundersport GB Superstock 600 championship.

Although not having raced in 6 months, Ahmet was excited to be racing again along with trying out some new tyres. However, things did not get off to a good start when Ahmet crashed when his front tyre let go during the test day, placing him 10th on the grid.

Hoping for a better result for the first race, Ahmet secured a great start and had pushed himself up to 5th place at the first corner, though having lost some confidence because of the earlier crash, he slipped back down to 8th place where he eventually finished.

With prospects looking low, a last minute sponsor turned up Saturday night, putting Ahmet back on the Dunlop tyres he was more familiar with giving him back his confidence and excitement to race.

Starting from 10th on the second race, Ahmet had no problem in pushing himself up to 4th place at the first corner and 3rd place by turn third. After a tight fight for 14 laps with rider Seb Bulpin, Ahmet managed to secure 3rd place.

With a clean repeat of the previous race, Ahmet stole 4th at the first turn again, easing into 3rd after a brief stint behind Ben Field. Determined to catch up to the two leaders, Ahmet lost 3rd place after running wide onto the grass, giving Field the chance to overtake. Nonetheless Ahmet took a respectable 4th place.

Next, Ahmet hopes for a better meeting at Snetterton, Norfolk.

Erol Ahmet keeps himself racing at the top for the second round of the Superstock 600 Championship at Snetterton.

Having crashed out during Pembrey’s set of qualifying laps, Ahmet had high hopes of bettering his times at Snetterton. With competition just as fierce as before, Ahmet managed to push himself into 3rd on the grid.

Race one started off with Ahmet keeping his 3rd place into corner one. Ahmet had to avoid rider Marc Hughes crashing out in front of him taking him into 2nd. This hindrance left Ahmet with a significant gap to catch up to the race leader and a battle to retain his position. Ahmet lost out, taking 3rd place at the finish.

Ahmet didn’t take to a great start for race two, losing a place at the first corner and dropping back again. The top racers battled it out in front of him with Ahmet managing to close the gap. Luck struck when a near collision slowed down two of the riders before him allowing Ahmet to pass and battle for 2nd. However, Ahmet tried to make his move past but finished 3rd when a near collision forced Ahmet to break suddenly.

It was a great start for race three, Ahmet nearly claiming first place going into the first turn. Instead Ahmet secured 2nd place, but lost out when he was passed, now in another tight battle for 3rd. Ahmet was eventually passed on the last but one lap, but with plenty of fight still left in him, Ahmet raced on and reclaimed 3rd where he finished.

Although Ahmet believes his bike isn’t the fastest on the track, it is obviously his riding skills that are keeping him as a serious contender.

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