A litterbug caught dropping his cigarette outside a shop called Cash Converters has been ordered by a court to pay £230.

David Bailey, 28, was spotted throwing the butt on to the road on Chatham High Street on the morning of 5 November last year.

He was approached by Medway Council Community Officers who told him they had seen him commit a littering offence and issued a fixed penalty notice of £60, payable within 10 days.

But Bailey, of Jasper Avenue, Rochester, did not pay and an Environmental Enforcement Officer visited his home in January this year to discuss the issue.

The officer left after agreeing a time extension on the payment until the end of the month.

On 3 February another visit was made to Bailey’s address as no payment had been received.

A further week-long extension to make payment was allowed, but when again nothing was received the case was reported to Medway Magistrates’ Court.

It was heard in front of magistrates on 6 June and Bailey pleaded guilty by post. He was handed a fine of £80 plus costs of £150.

Cllr Mike O’Brien, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Customer Contact, said: “Our officers work hard to keep the area safe and clean.

“We find that the vast majority of people don’t litter and do dispose of their rubbish, including cigarettes, properly.

“However, a small minority do not. This is anti-social and shows a lack of thought for others.

“Our officers will issue fixed penalty notices to those that do litter and if people don’t pay they will end up in court.

“If this person had paid up when he was given the opportunity, instead of trying to avoid his fixed penalty notice, he would have had to pay a lot less.”