Hi Everyone!

Less than 1 week to go before the big event and everyone is keeping their fingers (and everything else)-crossed that the weather stays as bright as sunny as the last few days.

Just thought I would let you know a couple of things about some fundraising efforts that have been taking place…

Julie Hudson Team Captain for the Hudderz Angels has informed me that her team have been pretty busy doing cake sales and Connect 4 tournaments. On the day (2nd) they will be running “Name the Teddy”, “Pick an Envelope” stalls and a Connect 4 and wii tennis tournament.

I have also been told by team member Chris Monk … a member of Forget-Me-Nots…that her 15 year old son, James, has been busy raising sponsorship to have his head shaved at 6pm on the 2nd. James has spent a while now growing his locks to shoulder length and his sister will be dyeing it pink in readiness for the big shave. So far James has raised £240.00 and is doing this in memory of his sister Charlotte who died of cancer aged 6 in 1998.

Many more of the teams have been very very active in their fundraising and I will keep you posted with any other stories….

In the meantime…we hope to see you there this weekend.

Kind regards

Maureen Tong Ralphs
Relay for Life, Rochester
Media Volunteer