Temporary road closures will take place from Monday, 15 August in the following areas to enable highway maintenance and resurfacing works to be carried out in safety:

Sturla Road Chatham, from the junction with Glencoe Road to the junction with Melbourne Road. The alternative route will be via Natal Road, Hilda Road, Otway Street and Melbourne Road.

Cooling Court Road, Cooling, from Cooling Road to New Barn Farm Corner. The alternative route will be via Cooling Road and Cooling Street.

Willowby Gardens, Parkwood, for 50 metres at the northern end nearest 48-50 Bayswater Drive, followed by a closure for 50 metres at the southern end nearest 76-78 Bayswater Drive. Work will stop to allow local access.

The start date of the works at each location will be shown by locally displayed notices. All works are scheduled to be carried out during the daytime and it is anticipated each site will be completed within 5 days. Signs to divert traffic will be in place.