Following the vandalism that took place in Medway last night, please see a statement below from Medway Council Leader, Cllr Rodney Chambers:

Rodney Chambers, the Leader of Medway Council, said: “It is extremely regrettable that a small number of people traveled from outside of the Medway area into Chatham and Gillingham last night to carry out mindless acts of vandalism.

“Our colleagues in Kent Police deployed considerable resources and swiftly contained the incidents, which I understand involved 15 people who traveled here by train.

“No one was injured, but damage was caused to three cars and a number of bins.

“I would like to thank the police for their swift action, which has so far led to the arrest of 10 of these people. Kent Police also say they are confident that they will catch the others involved.

“We do not expect this kind of criminal activity in an area like Medway, and while it is on a much smaller scale than the events that have taken place in London over the past few days, it is traumatic and upsetting to the innocent people who have seen their property damaged.

“The council is in constant contact with the police and we are working jointly to clean up the damage caused. We shall, of course, continue to assist the police in whatever way we can to make sure the community of Medway is safe and protected from this criminal activity.

“I am sure that all residents across Medway will join me in deploring the actions of these people who have carried out these acts of senseless vandalism.”