September – November 2011
We’re pleased to remind you that our autumn season starts early this year – On Friday 2nd September we are screening DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES. If you are not yet a member you are invited to join MFS, support the society and see all six shows in our autumn programme for just £30 (£25 for students, OAPs and registered unemployed). Non-members are welcome to come along for single shows: £6.50 (concessions £5.50)
All our screenings are on Friday evenings at The Brook, Old Town Hall, Chatham, Kent ME4 4SE, near Pentagon bus station -10 minutes walk from Chatham railway station.

See more information, download our membership form or contact MFS at:
Friday 2nd September at 7.45pm DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES Terence Davies, GB, 1988, 85 mins Impressionistic, affecting view of Liverpool working-class family life in 1940s and 1950s Liverpool. With his skilfully composed frames and evocative use of music in place of dialogue, Davies creates a lovely, affecting photo album of a troubled family wrestling with the complexity of love. Starring the late Pete Postlethwaite + DEAR PHONE Peter Greenaway, GB, 1976,17 mins Comical discontinuities punctuated by shots of red telephone boxes, and the sounds of the speaking clock and crossed lines. Originally scheduled for screening in April

Friday 30th September at 7.45pm STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE
Tomás Gutiérrez Alea , Cuba, 1994, 108 mins Daring for its day in Cuba. Cultivated, intellectual, sceptical, homosexual Diego falls for David – a young, aggressively heterosexual, misogynistic doctrinaire child of the revolution – and changes both their lives. + THE LEAD SHOES Sidney Peterson, USA, 1950, 15 mins
Distorting lenses, unlikely props and a jazzy soundtrack – a key experimental film from ‘50s San Fransisco

Friday 28th October at 7.45pm COMEDIAN HARMONISTS Joseph Vilsmaier , Germany, 1997, 126 mins The true story of a quirky, talented and hugely successful Berlin acapella group from their beginnings in 1928 to 1933, when it suddenly matters that 3 of the 6 young men are Jewish. Very entertaining, very moving and brilliantly acted.

Friday 25th November at 7.45pm ANGEL FACE Otto Preminger, USA, 1952, 91 mins Set among the Beverly Hills jet set, but starring Robert Mitchum as an ambulance-driving mechanic. This disturbingly cool, rational investigation of the terrors of sexuality is one of the forgotten masterworks of film noir – with one of the most audacious endings in film history + PARADE Charles and Ray Eames, USA, 1952, 20 mins The Eames’ large collection of children’s toys stage an animated circus parade