Please find below a statement from Cllr Alan Jarrett, the Deputy Leader of Medway Council, following comments in today’s London Evening Standard (Wednesday, 19 October) on proposals for an airport on the Hoo Peninsula.

The link to the story in the Standard is here:
Cllr Alan Jarrett, Deputy Leader of Medway Council, said: “We notice that the Mayor of London’s imaginary planes continue to circle around Medway and Kent, despite the fact that he and his office seem to be the only people in the UK that actually want an airport on or near the Thames estuary.

“We would urge Boris to stop flying in the face of public opinion and drop his pie in the sky plans – which are not wanted by the government, the airline industry, or – according to a recent ICM poll – 76 per cent of Britons.

“In regards to Boris now supporting a proposal to place an airport at Cliffe, on the Hoo Pensinsula, I would like to point out this is an old outdated plan and, in 2002, we successfully fought a similar scheme, whcih aimed to build an airport on green fields and internationally important wetlands in Medway. We will, of course, do so again.

“A new airport on or near the Thames Estuary, would cost billions of pounds, which is unaffordable and unnecessary.

“Instead, we should look to supporting government policy, which involves using up capacity at existing airports and joining these up with high speed rail links.

“For instance, Manston in Kent already has one of the longest runways in Europe and is close to the high speed rail link to London while Birmingham is near the proposed site for a second high speed train and has already stated it wants to double capacity.”

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