Well Channel 4 proved it tonight on their new quiz “The Bank Job”, as a nation it would appear that self serving greed, lying and stupidity are alive and well and we are ready to have the nation see it in us.

The two finalists of this new quiz managed to shoot themselves in the foot while trying to stab each other in the back. Did they go home with a fifty percent share of a near half a million pound prize fund……No they did not, because they are two of the most selfish pillocks to ever grace our TV screens, they gave it all away to the runners up.

So here is the background, this new quiz has been screened every night over this last week, every night a new bunch of contestants do battle, answering questions and amassing cash to take to the final. As each round goes by one contestant is eliminated until only one remains, thereby earning their place in the final. So Saturday night arrives and the five finalists begin to do battle, this is however a quiz with a twist. The final round sees the last two contenders standing at tables with two suitcases in front of them. One full of cash and one full of newspaper, each cash case contains half of the total prize fund. Then they have to choose a case to put on a table between them, if they both put the cash case down they walk away with half each. If one of them puts down the rubbish case and the other the cash case the one that put down the rubbish goes home with all the cash. If they both put down the rubbish case, the money goes to the other three finalists and the winners go home with nothing.

Which friends, is exactly what they did, dumb and dumber tried to outsmart each other, even after some mock Tudor emotion from one of them, pleading to the other that half this money would change his life more than anyone could know. How he stopped himself from dragging to the stage a would be Tiny Tim figure I do not know. But it was all part of his cunning plan to stitch up the other guy and it backfired in the most spectacular way, they both put forward the case of rubbish, I laughed so hard that the stitching in the welts of me boots burst. Just shows you, they could have walked away with over £200k sterling, but because they are clearly two of the meanest, greediest, selfish, scheming, back stabbing, twisting, pea brained halfwits in the country they went home empty handed and gave the cash to the folks that were supposed to have lost. Ha, I say, there is a God. Channel 4 just restored my faith in justice, talk about your sins finding you out, I don’t remember it ever being mentioned that it would creep back and give you a barbed wire wedgie though, but I’m warned.