a project to bring new investment in the environment for Hoo Peninsula’s people, businesses and wildlife

Businesses, residents, community groups and other organisations from the Hoo Peninsula are very warmly invited to the launch and first working meeting of GIFT Hoo Peninsula at the Hundred of Hoo School, on Thursday 12 April 2012, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm.

GIFT Hoo Peninsula is a new three-year, European-funded project led by Greening the Gateway Kent & Medway and Medway Council, working in partnership with business and public sector bodies in Antwerp, Merseyside, the Hague and Brussels The aim is to improve the environment for the benefit of people, businesses and wildlife, making the Peninsula a better to place to live, work and do business sustainably.

The project will develop a “Green Infrastructure” Vision and Plan for the Peninsula, based on the ideas and needs of local people and businesses, and using new analytical tools. The Plan will help us to attract new money into the area to improve the environment, and identify priorities that will shape future Planning decisions.

Benefits to the community are likely to include better recreation and leisure opportunities, more opportunities to improve people’s health and wellbeing, improved property values, and a better climate for jobs and businesses.

Starting this year, we will be:

• Talking to local people, businesses and organisations about what they want the local environment to be like, and how this can help businesses and create jobs, be good for people’s health, improve conditions for wildlife, help to deal with climate change and create new leisure opportunities for residents and visitors.
• Doing a detailed and comprehensive technical mapping of the Hoo Peninsula, and looking at all the benefits the environment currently brings and how it might be able to benefit people, business and wildlife even more. This will include the whole of the Hoo Peninsula – from nature reserves to back gardens, from local amenity space to the wilds of the North Kent Marshes.
• Developing a Plan with specific priorities and proposals for green infrastructure improvements to and how they can be delivered. This will be a key document, creating a strategic case to attract funding, and setting the Hoo Peninsula aside as an area with a big ambition for its people, its economy and nature.

We hope you will be able to join us at the launch and first working meeting on 12 April. The event will bring together people from business, the community, farmers, landowners, statutory bodies, voluntary organisations and charities. The aim is to include a very wide range of people and to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. The meeting will explain what GIFT Hoo Peninsula is, and why it matters. We will also start the process of talking and thinking together about what the project can achieve for the Peninsula’s businesses, communities and wildlife, considering the key challenges the area faces, and the opportunities it can take advantage of.

We consider your engagement in the process of developing the Plan to be essential to its success, and so we do hope that you will be able to join us at this first event, and make other people aware of the meeting.

In order to help with preparations, we ask that people confirm their attendance by sending us the names of those attending and the organisations they represent (if any). This first meeting will only be the start the process, and there will be more opportunities for people shape the project in small group and local meetings and other events later this year and in 2013, so if you cannot attend, but want to be kept informed about developments, do let us know.

You can sign up for the 12th April meeting on Eventbrite:


Alternatively, you can complete the slip below and post it to us at: GIFT Hoo Peninsula Team, Emergent Research & Consulting, Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent. CT2 7FG, or email it to us at gifthoo@gmail.com .

To ask us questions, or give us your views and ideas on the project at any time, please email us at gifthoo@gmail.com , or write to us at the project postal address. You can also let us know your thoughts on Twitter (@gifthoo).

Steve Matthews
Project Consultant
Greening the Gateway Kent & Medway
If not signing up for the event using Eventbrite Please complete and return this slip to us by email (gifthoo@gmail.com) or post it to: GIFT Hoo Peninsula Team, Emergent Research & Consulting, Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent. CT2 7FG
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