The Kent Association for the Blind provides services to many people who have lost their sight due to Glaucoma. This eye condition gives no warning symptoms but has very effective treatments and early diagnosis can prevent blindness. Glaucoma is one of the most common eyesight conditions and gradually creates a tunnel vision effect, slowly destroying off centre vision.

As part of Glaucoma Awareness Week 11-17th June, KAB is urging everyone, especially those over the age of forty, to have regular eye health checks at least every two years. This gives the best possible chance of preventing blindness. Glaucoma often runs in families and if this is the case, and you are forty or over, you can have a free eye test.

Head of Rehab Services, Jonathan Ward said, “If left untreated, Glaucoma can lead to serious sight loss. You can lose a considerable amount of sight irretrievably before you are aware of any problems so I urge everyone to take a moment and book an eye test for their family.”.

For more information on Glaucoma and other eye conditions visit Or if anyone you know is concerned about their eyesight please contact KAB on 01622 691357.