PUPILS at a Higham school collected a bumper crop of food donations for charity as part of their harvest festival.

There were so many tins of food that children at Gad’s Hill School, Higham used wheel barrows to carry it all!

Each child – aged from three years old to eleven – brought in items from home, including tinned, powdered and dried food, tea, coffee, fruit juice and vegetables. The collection amounted to a staggering 2696 items!

Youngsters took the food to Royal Dockyard Church, The Historic Dockyard, Chatham as part of the school’s annual Harvest Festival and after treating the audience attending the special event to a series of musical performances, donated the crop to the Gravesend arm of The Salvation Army.

The charity will use the items to help stock up their ‘Foodbank’ which sees volunteers providing essential food items to families who have suffered in some way, as well as, elderly who are less fortunate and the homeless.

Major Patrick Carton and Richard Arnold, who are based at the Salvation Army, Grove Road, Gravesend was delighted to receive the food boost on behalf of the charity.

He said: “We would like to say a big thank-you to all the children and parents at Gad’s Hill School whose food will go to helping people in crisis.”

Headmaster Mr. David Craggs, said: “We try to encourage lots of charity work at the school and have in the past raised thousands of pounds for a variety of different charities.

“This year’s harvest festival taught our pupils a very valuable lesson: it’s better to give than receive, but even I was staggered by how much food was donated! While many of our families are much more fortunate than others, these are still tough times, so it was wonderful to see so many putting their hands into their pockets, or kitchen cupboards as it were, to help the Salvation Army do its valuable work.”