Kent Association for the Blind’s Medway Art Group are to sing a hymn not heard for 120 years as part of artist and architect Simon Barkers ‘Under the Bridge’ exhibition’ at Rochester Art Gallery on Wednesday 7th November at 10.30am.
The ‘Under the Bridge’ exhibition explores the relationship between the M2 motorway bridge and a monumental structure from the last century that was once a landmark in Gillingham but has since been demolished. Jezreels Temple was an impressive 30 meter tower built in 1886 by a religious sect the Jezreelites. The hymn to be sung by the KAB Medway Art Group is from this religious group’s history.
Wendy Daws a local artist who supports the KAB Medway Art group says: “It’s really important to help blind and partially sighted people develop new skills and take part in artistic activities. A large number of the group remembered the tower so had a lot to share with Simon and it was a very rewarding and interesting project to be part of.”
For more information contact Sheena Brown at KABs Maidstone office on 01622 691357 or