The first ever Police and Crime Commissioner Elections are scheduled to take place next Thursday, 15 November 2012.
The elections will see 41 Police and Crime Commissioners elected across England and Wales for the first time, charged with making and influencing key policing decisions in their area.
In Medway, 112 polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm next Thursday, manned by around 370 staff, ready for residents to cast their vote for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent and Medway. There are currently 194,000 registered electors in Medway
All ballot papers will then be counted at Medway Park on Friday,16 November and the results will be sent to Dover District Council electronically, who are responsible for announcing the overall result for Kent and Medway.
The elected commissioner will then take up office on Thursday, 22 November.
Police and Crime Commissioners will be elected using the Supplementary Vote system. Voters should put a cross for their first and second choice candidates in their respective columns. As long as a cross is marked in the first choice column, then the vote will count.
The deadline to apply for postal votes was Wednesday, 31 October. Anyone who applied for a postal vote by 15 October, would have been sent their ballot paper by first class post on Friday, 2 November and anyone who applied by 31 October will have their ballot paper posted by first class post on Thursday, 8 November.
Medway’s Local Returning Officer, Richard Hicks, said: “Elections are an important opportunity for people to make their voice heard .
“Planning for and coordinating the elections is a huge task for all of the authorities involved across Kent and a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes.
“We have been planning for this election for some time now and it will involve hundreds of people on the day of the election and at the count the day after. I’d like to thank everyone involved for all their hard work to ensure all goes well.”
If any voters have spoilt or mislaid their postal ballot papers, or haven’t received them yet, the council can start issuing replacement postal vote packs from Friday, 9 November.
For more details, and to check whether they’re registered to vote, residents can call 01634 332030.
For more information about the Police and Crime Commissioner elections and all of the candidates, visit the Home Office website at: or call 0800 1070708.