Two litterbugs have been fined by magistrates after discarding cigarette butts in Gillingham High Street, in two separate incidents.
In the first case, Mikhel Toome, 25, of Luton Road, Chatham, was in Gillingham High Street on 29 March when he was spotted throwing a cigarette end on the floor outside The Carpet Remnant Centre and walking away from it.
When approached by a Medway Council community officer, Toome said that he didn’t know it was an offence, at which point his attention was directed to a sign only a few feet away. Toome was then issued with a fixed penalty notice for £80 (reduced to £60 if paid within 10 days).
When no payment was received, the case was referred to the council’s enforcement team who sent Toome an invitation to a recorded interview. Again, there was no response.
Toome was summoned to appear before Medway Magistrates Court on 30 October. He attended and did not dispute the facts put forward by the council, but said he was on benefits, which is why he didn’t pay the FPN.
Magistrates found the council’s case to be proved and handed down a fine of £80, costs of £80 and £15 victim surcharge to be paid at a rate of £10 per fortnight.
In a separate case, held on the same day at the same court, Armit Osman, was fined £80, and ordered to pay £286.60 in costs for dropping a cigarette butt on to the pavement outside Betfred bookmakers in Gillingham High Street on 30 March.
Osman, 40, of High Street, Gillingham, was spotted by two council community officers and issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80 (£60 if paid within 10 days).
The FPN went unpaid and the case was referred to the council’s Environmental Enforcement Team. Osman was invited for an interview but failed to appear.
Osman failed to appear in court and the case was heard in his absence. The case was proved and Osman was fined £80, costs of £286.60 and £15 victim surcharge.
Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Customer Contact Cllr Mike O’Brien said: “Every year, Medway Council spends roughly £2.9 million of tax payers’ money removing and disposing of street litter. And while the majority of Medway residents take real pride in the area, others do not.
“My message is, if you drop litter, including cigarette butts, and we catch you doing it, you will be fined. Please think of other residents keep Medway tidy.”