About thirty years ago, Bill Wilson – the founder of Metro Ministries – saw a need and went about meeting that need – for so many children in Brooklyn, New York, where he lived. No more Sunday School, just an informal gathering of primary aged children to be taught about Christianity. And so Kids’ Church was born. Now there are many forms of Kids’ Church throughout the world, using material which is totally Bible based. Quite simply it works very well, particularly with children who often cannot sit still for long. Everything focuses on each individual child. Accessibility –it is open to all primary aged children, only disruptive behaviour would stop them from attending. The consent from parent/guardian is always obtained.
Seven years ago it came to our corner of the world – to Chattenden no less. To a church on the Hoo Peninsular, Bishop Gundulph Church, the former garrison church.
Bishop Gundulph, [aka Gundulp and Gundulf.] is situated at the junction of Chattenden Lane and Kitchener Road- opposite Chattenden Primary School. It looked like a military bunker, and rumour has it that when Prince Phillip saw the church, way back in the 1960’s, he thought it was a public lavatory. Then someone placed a large Cross on the white top section, it now looked like a house of God. It is often lit up at night: a beacon for all around. Inside it is in ornate, but the wonderful texture and colour of the wood on ceiling, walls and pews is agreeable and attractive. Many of the front pews have now been removed, so that the children can run around. One of the walls slides back revealing a kitchen/diner, it is small but adequate.
A little about Bishop Gundulph: he came to England following the Norman Conquest [1077-1108] and became a Bishop of Rochester. He was known as the builder bishop and can only be described as a polymath- he seems to have been an expert in everything: he was an architect, engineer, builder, academic, monk, bishop, artist – and a man of prayer and action. Because of his military engineering talents; the Royal Engineers regard him as ‘father of the corps.’
The Kids’ Church team consists of Alex & Avril Sime and Kim Hodgson and other volunteers [they have all been C.R.B. checked] they meet on a Saturday morning from 10-11.30 am., during term time. The evening before, parents or guardians are visited by Alex and Avril and the next day’s programme outlined.
May I invite you to come along to see what is going on? Your ears will alert you to a mixture of sounds: and when you step inside, I guarantee you will see smiling faces and children happily playing.
On the wall behind the Altar are drawings of different fruits; underneath each is written the Fruit of the Spirit. – JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, AND SELF-CONTROL. There are no rules, but what a good motto to live by!

To find out more, please telephone Avril & Alex – 01634 718998, or Kim 01634 725016

© Olive Day (press correspondent)