DSC_0359We were again invited along to the Pier in Upnor of Friday evening to cover another of their famous themed nights and for this event we were off to the Caribbean for sun, steel bands and cocktails of every colour imaginable. There was of course a three course meal provided and a free cocktail or beer on arrival. Loud shirts, wigs and shorts were the order of the day for all of those that were able to get there without a long period out in the cold.

The Nostalgic Steel band were again helping out with the music for the evening accompanying the meal and all of the activity afterwards. As a first course there was fish with Ackee, lightly spiced with Chilli and very tasty, for the main course, jerk chicken with Rice and beans and dessert was a saucy little number with fresh pineapple with of course more cocktails and more regional beer if preferred.

Soon after the meal the Limbo Dance competition began, there was a short interlude while guests tried their hands at playing the steel drums with varying degrees of success. The Limbo competition began in earnest and things began to hot up very quickly as the numbers of contenders dwindled once the bar went below 5’6”. The winner was finally decided in a short knock-out round on the lowest setting of the bar, some 18” from the ground. I honestly don’t think I could have made it under that bar if I had laid down and got someone to pull me through by the ankles, but well done Roy you earned your title as 2013’s Limbo man.

DSC_0372The evening rounded off with the chilli eating contest, a suicidal attempt to consume seven of the hottest and most aggressive of these fruits. It was difficult to tell exactly how many of the fruits were consumed amid the tears and choking of the contestants but a clear winner did emerge and went off home happy with her bottle of champagne, basking in the glory that comes with being the Chilli Champ of 2013.
All in all another fantastic effort from the guys and girls down at the Pier, keep your eye on the printed version of the magazine for more themed evenings and event nights at the Pier.

To see all the images of the evenings fun; CLICK HERE