Darren Simmons blogAnother slow month again this time due to illness.

Because of the after effects of meningitis I have a rather suppressed immune system so when I caught the bug that has been going around it completely knocked me out.

I have also been suffering quite badly with headaches which are really debilitating and affect my balance, co-ordination and eye sight, again an after effect.

I have got quite used to this as I had meningitis when I was 10…and I am 48 now, but last year during my challenge I think my body didn’t allow me to notice them as much.

But I did manage to complete a time for the Concept2 challenge series…again not a PB but an ok time. But I do enjoy the series as it does motivate you to do something each month…keeps you on your toes.

We have just found out that one of the prizes for my competition had to be changed. The trip on a paddle steamer based near to where we live had to be changed rather as the steamer has been moved back to where it was based originally on the River Dart. The owners of our marina, Port Werburgh Marine Ltd, donated the prize…but have now offered to add travel and overnight accommodation to the prize…so the winner is very happy to not only have a great trip on a cool boat…but a nice little break as well.

As for my challenge to do 2013 miles in 2013 by rowing, swimming, cycling and running…this has been a bit slow due to health issues…but am hoping to be back on the case next month.

Also…the training for our upcoming triathlon in July has been badly affected which has been really frustrating as I was beginning to enjoy my running…something I hadn’t done for years.

Likewise the restoration of my old model b ergo has been set back. Since Concept2 lent me the model c to complete my challenge I have been slowly stripping down my old machine…but obviously I had no time last year…so was hoping to get onto it this year. But as yet only half of the sections to paint have been painted. The worst bit was cleaning the flywheel as it was encrusted with thick dust, but is now all shiny. Just hoping I can remember where all the bits go when I start to put it back together.

The biggest thing to happen this month was the Meningitis Trust family day which was held at the Hilton in Maidstone…one of my biggest sponsors and supporters.

It was a brilliant day and something the trust do a lot of. It’s a chance for child survivors of meningitis to be in an environment to play safely and have all sorts of activities to do with their siblings and for the parents to get to know other families and talk to trust members about their experiences and to get support etc.

I took my trusty ergo with me and once Miriam, my wife, had introduced me and let everyone know why I was there and what I had done for the trust last year…it ended up with a queue of children and parents to have a go. The children absolutely loved it…all trying to beat each others split and encouraging their parents to have a go…it all got quite competitive. For the younger ones…they loved the row pro software…so they could watch it whilst they had a go.

I really do enjoy watching the kids getting excited about the rower…and we did find a few that we tried to encourage to find a club as they were doing really well.

As always…if you want to support me…and the meningitis trust you can do so here…I have yet to make a new page…but in the meantime…