BROOK PUMPThe Old Brook Pumping Station in Solomons Road, Chatham has been completely refurbished.

The station has undergone extensive structural repairs, after a structural survery reveals subsidence was causing the front porch to lean forward and large cracks to appear in the walls. The survey revealed the combination of inadequate foundations and poor soil was the cause. The front porch has now been underpinned. Work during the six-year project included temporary support for the building, new foundations with reinforced concrete, plus replacement doors and ceiling, new signage, landscaping and decorative mouldings.

The Old Brook Pumping Station was originally opened in September 1929, and played a vital role in removing vast volumes of waste water from Chatham to the Motney Hill treatment works. The water was pumped via a Campbell 14-inch non-chokeable pump, a remarkable invention of the time. The station was retired from duties in 1979 when the new fully automated station across the road took over. However, the Old Brook Pumping Station is still able to pump waste surface water from time to time, when required.
Cllr Howard Doe said: “I am delighted the Old Brook Pumping Station has been refurbished and is now open to the public as a great attraction of Chatham’s history.
“During its lifetime the station played an important role and it was at the industrial forefront of technology and invention and this should be recognised and celebrated.
“The station is an important part of Medway’s history and I would encourage visitors to come and see what it’s all about.”

The Old Brook Pumping Station is managed through a partnership with The Medway Industrial Archaeology Group (MIAG). Public opening times: 1 June to the end of September – Saturdays 11am to 3pm. 1 October to the end of May – first Saturday of the month only from 11am to 3pm.