Karl Homden of Russell Road, Gravesend was sentenced to prison for 42 days by Dartford magistrates for non-payment of council tax totalling £4,532.78.

Mr Homden had been previously found guilty of wilful refusal and was ordered by the same court to pay £10 per week in 2010 with a 42-day suspended sentence. He was later prosecuted several times for non-payment and the order was varied to £3.40 per week in January 2012 as he was claiming benefits again. He failed to pay this and the suspended prison sentence was implemented on 21 March, 2013.

Mr Homden is the second Gravesham resident to be jailed for not paying their council tax this month. Council leader Cllr John Burden said: “Jail is always the last resort and is always avoidable. If people are having trouble in paying their council tax it is essential that they contact the council so we can help them. However, failure to pay council tax is not acceptable and those that refuse to do so will be brought before the courts and dealt with properly.”