NHS Medway Clinical Commissioning Group held its first governing body meeting in public this week, and emphasised that its agenda is all about quality and improving outcomes for people.

The clinically led organisation is responsible for deciding how and where an annual budget of £315million is spent on hospital, community and mental health services for the 283,000 people in the Medway area.

The governing body discussed a number of issues including improving ambulance handover times when patients are taken to hospital, improving A&E waiting times, and ensuring quality services are provided across the area.

Dr Nathan Nathan, Chair of NHS Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), stressed the importance of improving services for patients. He said: “Addressing the quality of services for patients is at the heart of everything we do.”

The governing body heard how a monthly meeting of GPs from across Medway considers where improvements are needed, and feeds into the CCG plans.

Dr Peter Green, NHS Medway CCG’s Chief Clinical Officer, said: “It’s great to see GPs being able to influence decisions with their patients in mind.”

The governing body discussed the review of the mortality rates at Medway NHS Foundation Trust , treatment time targets for cancer patients and NHS 111 as well as considering a number of committee reports.

The next meeting of the governing body will be on 22 May at 2pm at Fifty Pembroke Court, Chatham Maritime, and is open to the public. Any member of the public wishing to ask a question at the meeting about an item on the agenda should ensure their request is sent to Sylvia.robson2@nhs.net at least three days before the meeting.

For more information on attending the NHS Medway CCG meetings and to view agendas, visit http://www.medwayccg.nhs.uk or call 01634 335069.