Places are limited for two special guest lectures running alongside the exhibition “Exploring Antarctica: The Final Expeditions of Scott & Shackleton”, showing in No. 1 Smithery: The Gallery at The Historic Dockyard Chatham until 30th August.

Dr. David Wilson
Scott & Shackleton: Knights Of The Antarctic
27 June 2013, 7.00 pm

In a new talk based on rarely investigated archival material, Dr David Wilson will explore the Heroic Age expeditions of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton and the often heated relationship between them, along with the mediation of his great uncle, Dr Edward Wilson. Dr Wilson said; “It is a hundred years since the Antarctic photographs of Herbert Ponting first captured the public imagination. Inspired by Captain Scott himself, Ponting set the aesthetic template which still informs the way in which we see the continent. Not least Ponting’s work inspired the work of Frank Hurley, whose subsequent images for Shackleton’s expeditions provide some of the most popular images of the Antarctic ever taken. These two photographers remain aesthetic giants of the ice and heroes in their own right. It is rare to see so many of their photographs exhibited side by side, so this exhibition is a centenary treat not to be missed!”

Felicity Aston
Call Of The White: The Commonwealth Women’s Antarctic Expedition
29 July 2013, 7.00 pm

At 11:09 on 29th December 2009, Felicity stood at the Geographic South Pole at the head of a team of seven women from six different countries having skied 900km in 38 days from the coast of Antarctica. Representing six religions and seven languages they were the largest and most international team of women ever to make the journey. What made their achievement even more remarkable is that the women had met just 8 months before, many as complete novices. Felicity recounts their journey and compares their experiences to those of the pioneering polar explorers of the early 1900’s.

Felicity Aston said; “’It’s very exciting to have material and artefacts from so many different collections in one place. It’s fascinating to see how far polar exploration has come in the past 100 years and to try and imagine where it will go in the next 100 years to come.’

Tickets to these lectures are limited and cost £12.50 for lecture only and £22.50 for lecture plus a Fish and Chip supper in The Wheelwrights’ Restaurant prior to the lecture. This includes main course and a soft drink – pre-booking is essential. Bookings can be made by emailing or calling 01634 823852. Tickets must be pre-booked and pre-paid.