The Gr@nd Healthy Living Centre is offering a free drop in service for Gravesham residents aged 50 years and over who need advice in using their digital equipment, such as digital cameras, laptops, how to upload pictures to the internet and set up a facebook account or use skype on their computer.

The sessions start on Wednesday 17 July 2013 from 1pm – 3pm Komal Kumari, Media Assistant at the Gr@nd said: “One in three adults aged 55 and over use social networking at least once a week. 61% read the news online, 18% book tickets online at least once a month and 67% use digital cameras.

“A lot of older people have ipads and digital cameras and often need a little advice on how to use them, We have set up these sessions so that if older people in the borough would like help with setting up a facebook account, uploading pictures or would like advice on how to use their digital equipment, they can pop in to see us.”

Pat, aged 79, Gravesend who has completes a Silver Surfer course at The Gr@nd said: “Learning how to use email has led me to feel more confident and less lonely. Even searching for knitting patterns led me to joining a local knitting group. It was a nice experience which built up my confidence in using the Internet”. For more information on the digital drop in, contact Komal Kumari on 01474 320123 or