Yet again we have been overwhelmed by the diverse visitors we have had in the past two weeks to our websites, twitter and facebook pages. I will mention just a very few of the surprising visitors, I don’t actually know who you are but we do get a vague geographical location from some of the information available. Now this could be the “City” of Troy in Michigan or the “Township” of Troy Michigan USA, thank you for dropping in, from Bremmen in Germany, our thanks go to you too. From Hamilton Ontario, I think this could be my favourite Canadian author, thank you for dropping by and I don’t think I am giving anything away when I say; I loved the latest book, but never would have dreamed that the butler did it.

The visitors from Ramsgate, Bickley, Cheddleton, Rhyl and Camberwell, thank you for dropping in on us you really are very welcome and it would be a pleasure to see you all again in the near future. We are a very small office and really do appreciate every single visit, it’s not all about likes and followers for us, although we appreciate those too, it’s about engaging with our local community and promoting in our printed versions, local independent retailers, trades and craftspeople and other professionals.

Once again thank you all for stopping by, thank you to all those of you that have liked or followed us on one or other platform, it really is appreciated. Take care and have a great weekend, we have a box of matches and a pack of sausages at the ready for the weekend.