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Following the Mayor of London’s announcement on airports and aviation capacity for London and his submission to the Davies Commission, please see a statement from Medway Council below.

Cllr Rodney Chambers, Leader of Medway Council, said: “For five years now, Boris has failed to listen to the huge number of people who have said that placing an airport in North Kent, on or near the Thames Estuary, is a complete non-starter. Many airline industry leaders, local and national politicians and others have put forward this view.

“We will continue to work with Kent County, Council, the RSPB and many others to drive through the message why North Kent and the Thames Estuary is totally unsuitable for a huge hub airport.

“There are no roads or rail lines there to support an airport that would carry up to 150m passengers a year, and putting these in place would cost the taxpayer tens of billions of pounds – a needless waste of money, especially when you consider it would be on the wrong side of London for most.

“A new airport on the scale the mayor wants to force on North Kent would lead to the closure of Heathrow and devastate the west London economy. It would also lead to a huge population shift to this local area as it would need up to 100,000 people to work in it. This would lead to the need for a new city the size of Manchester being built.

“The fact that anyone would seek to do this on an area of global scientific and environmental significance, which is home to 300,000 migrating wildfowl, simply beggars belief.

“It would make a lot more sense to look at the air infrastructure already in place – London already has five airports and there are others nearby – and use the very much underused capacity at these while linking them by high speed rail. That would certainly seem a more sensible option than concentrating on airport vanity projects like the dead in the water Boris Island or Lord Foster’s Isle of Grain fantasy creation.”
Medway Council has run a campaign jointly with Kent County Council and the RSPB against a Thames Estuary airport since 2009. For more details please go to
Prior to this, the three worked together to stop plans by the previous government to build a new international airport at Cliffe on the Hoo Pensinsula in 2002.