Dormouse copyright Ian Rickards

Dormouse copyright Ian Rickards

Kent Wildlife Trust is dismayed that, once again, the government has ignored its own policies meant to protect the natural environment, and has given permission for the destruction of 31 hectares of ancient woodland in order to extend Gallagher Aggregates’ Hermitage Lane quarry near Maidstone.

This irreplaceable habitat is known to support many rare and threatened species including dormice, six species of bat, birds and insects.

Sue Young, Head of Conservation at Kent Wildlife Trust, says: “This decision to allow the destruction of more of Kent’s natural heritage comes hard on the heels of the controversial decision to expand Lydd Airport, and shows, once again, this government’s lack of commitment to the protection of the natural environment.

“Kent Wildlife Trust fought long and hard alongside the Woodland Trust to convince the planning inspectorate of the need to protect Oaken Wood. We are bitterly disappointed at the decision.”
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