lady of the helm Matthew Munro, from Chattenden, has been writing books since he was 13 and has now seen his first book published through the wonders of the internet. In its first week of publication “Lady of the Helm” – written under the pseudonym T.O.Munro – has had nearly 300 copies downloaded to kindle devices as far afield as Japan, India and France.

In writing the first book in an epic fantasy trilogy, Matthew was greatly helped by his daughter Tess, aged 12, for whom the reading of the latest instalment became a night-time ritual. Her reaction to the story and her engagement with the characters was a great motivator to keep writing.

Matthew said, “When I started writing in the 80s it was all about getting agents and publishers willing to take your book forward. If you wanted to publish books yourself it was very expensive. Nowadays anyone can publish their book online through Kindle Direct Publishing.”

However, even electronic books need a great cover illustration and that is the only modest expense Matthew has incurred. Through a commercial website Matthew offered a prize for the best cover design. The winner “Paganus” created an exceptional and professional image.
“Lady of the Helm” has already had its first book review – a maximum 5 star rating describing it as an “awesome book…..Absolutely brilliantly written. All the different characters are well fleshed out and all the different story lines meet brilliantly. Loved it”
With sales returns and encouragement like that, Matthew has all the motivation he needs to work on the second book in the trilogy – ready for publication in a year’s time.

To see inside the book for yourself and read the first forty pages or so as a sample, you can search for “Lady of the Helm” on