Road safety st john fisherMore than 200 pupils at St John Fisher RC School have been working on their road safety understanding and abilities. The Year 7 and 8 pupils have been working with Medway Council’s Road Safety Team and Kent Police PCSO Rowan Cornwall on a number of activities and discussions. For many students, starting secondary school provides the first opportunity to independently travel to school.

Su Ormes, Principal Road Safety Officer said: “Many students at this age, find the transition to their new secondary school an exciting yet challenging experience. For some, it may be the first time they are wholly responsible for their welfare, when travelling to and from school.” “During our visit we discussed with students what they perceived as a danger while travelling on foot, with many answering cars speeding and drivers not paying attention. Thanks to our road safety activities, students soon began to understand it was their behaviour that they could control and ultimately the key to staying safer.”

The students played out a near miss scenario that saw one student represent a pedestrian who is injured walking to school while listening to their MP3 player and the car driver involved using their mobile phone. Students quickly highlighted that both road users were neglecting their responsibilities as safe road users and both were distracted.Other activities included a road safety knowledge quiz, reaction testing, investigating stopping distance in different types of weather, a hazard spotting competition, and much more. Rowan Cornwall, PCSO for Kent Police who supported the event, said: “I enjoyed working with the young people and if I’m to change one person’s attitude towards road safety then I have made a difference and potentially saved a life.

“Students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and by the end of the day left feeling empowered to make better road safety choices – resisting the urge to plug into a phone, ipod or chatter. They grasped the idea that to share the roads they should share the responsibility. “
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