With a year to go until national and international First World War Centenary commemorations begin on 4 August 2014, the Royal Engineers Museum, Library and Archive have started putting together their program of events and exhibitions.

The Museum’s program of events will stretch right through the Centenary period from 2014 – 2018. As well as reinstating our monthly lecture series the Museum will also be showing an exhibition on recruitment and the early stages of the First World War from July through to December. The Museum will also be hosting a special screening of ‘Oh what a Lovely War’ on 23rd August.

Amy Adams, Deputy Curator said: “The Centenary of the First World War is obviously of a massive importance to the Royal Engineers Museum as the Corps played such a vital role in the conflict, but the commemorations will also be of a wider importance to Kent which was in many ways the front line. Our hope is that by the end of the Centenary commemorations visitors to the Museum and the wider public will have a better understanding of the First World War and the role the Royal Engineers and Kent had to play in it.”

The Royal Engineers Museum is a member of the First World War Centenary Partnership, a network of local, regional, national and international cultural and educational organisations led by IWM (Imperial War Museums). There are currently 1,400 members from across 27 countries and the Partnership continues to grow on a weekly basis.

Diane Lees, Director- General of IWM said: “The First World War was a turning point in world history. One hundred years on, we are all connected to the First World War, either through our own family history, the heritage of our local communities or because of its long-term impact on society and the world we live in today. “Together, the First World War Centenary Partnership is creating a cultural programme of events and activities to mark the centenary in your area, and commemorate the men and women played their part in the First World War, and its impact on our lives today.”

In late autumn this year, IWM will launch the First World War Centenary Partnership’s collective programme with an online centenary cultural events calendar on 1914.org. This will become the central hub for all the Partnership’s centenary activities and will showcase how and where people can get involved and mark the centenary across the nation. For more information about the First World War Centenary Partnership visit http://www.1914.org