listening to treesIf you’ve ever felt like branching out and having a new experience Medway Council could have the answer for you later this month.

A new art installation will give people the chance to listen to the inner workings of trees.

To get to the root of it – how does it work?

Artist Alex Metcalf uses special high performance microphones to record the sounds from inside the tree as water is pulled up from the roots to the leaves.

These recordings are then played back through headphones attached to the branches.

The Tree Listening Installation travels around the world for both temporary and permanent events, and has been been installed permanently at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

Kent Wildlife Trust will be there providing information and also activities for children, as will the Friends of Broomhill and the Friends of Hillyfields. This is a free event for all visitors to the Park.

Tree listening will take place at Broomhill Park in Strood on 28th September 11am – 2.30pm and Hillyfields Park in Gillingham 11am – 2.30pm on Sunday 29th September.