kwthighcowWith the increasing amount and variety of livestock that the Trust owns or loans conservation grazing is becoming an increasingly important management tool. Thanks to recent project funding, many of the chalk downland reserves in the Darenth Valley are being grazed by sheep and cattle this winter, and this year for the first time we will be using goats to control invasive buddleia and silver birch at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.

We use hardy breeds of livestock which are used to being outdoors year round, but it is still important that they are checked daily to ensure that they are fit and well. This would not be possible without the help of dedicated local volunteers who brave the cold to check the animals, fencelines, and to break the ice on the water troughs if they freeze.

As we have expanded the number of sites we are grazing we need more local volunteers in the Sevenoaks and Bromley area who can spare as little as an hour a week to “looker” the livestock. If you are willing and able to help please contact Paul Glanfield on 07766 732214 for more information.