marshMedway Council calls on Boris Johnson to visit North Kent and explain why he wants to impose one of the world’s biggest airports on its residents.

The council demands the mayor makes the trip just days after Daniel Moylan visited Maidstone to talk to members of the Kent Economic Board.

Mr Moylan, Mr Johnson’s aviation advisor who has heavily promoted the idea of a Thames Estuary airport, invited himself to the meeting on Tuesday night.

In the past, Boris Johnson has frequently been invited to meet with local people and councillors, but has refused.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, Mr Moylan failed to give an explanation of how the taxpayer would ever be able to find much of the £100billion needed to build an airport, as well as the roads and railways needed for it.

There was no explanation about how to deal with the pain the British economy would feel due to the inevitable closure of Heathrow – a consequence one property expert recently said would be an ‘economic disaster’ for the UK.

In addition, Mr Moylan paid scant regard to the fact that a Thames Estuary airport – if ever built – would be on the wrong side of London for the vast majority of British passengers.

Mr Moylan also failed to explain how the 300,000 migrating birds that use this area – which is one of international scientific importance – would be relocated. And he did not mention how issues with fog in the estuary would be overcome to make it safe for aircraft.

The meeting between Mr Moyland and the kent Economic Board came the day after Essex County Council released a report saying the Estuary Airport is ‘pie in the sky madness’.

The Essex council – in its report called Flights of fancy: getting real on aviation – also called on the government to be ‘pragamatic’, stating that a third runway at Heathrow is the ‘most viable, affordable and practical option to improve UK aviation capacity’.

It added that Stansted can help add immediate capacity and new routes to the London and south east airport system … particularly by catering for more non-hub air traffic.

This, it said, could lead to the Airport doubling its passenger numbers from 17.5 million passengers per annum (mppa) to up to 35 mppa within its existing permissions. Cllr Rodney Chambers, Leader of Medway Council, said: “We are all agreed we need to invest in aviation to make sure that UK industry remains competitive for decades to come.

“However, Mr Moylan seems intent on pushing for a scheme that lacks any credibility; would see tens of billions of pounds of taxpayers money needlessly spent; would damage UK industry as it would lead to the closure of Heathrow and; would see an airport placed – for most people – on the wrong side of London.

“The Mayor and Mr Moylan’s needless pie in the sky Thames Estuary airport plan would also devastate the Kent and Medway countryside and turn it into a concrete jungle. “Instead, the country needs to start with using spare capacity available at the five airports already serving London and promote airports close by such as Manston, Lydd and Southend.

“Even the Mayor himself is now seriously talking about Stansted expansion and that makes absolute sense and is backed by Essex who say that it could double its passenger numbers if allowed to expand within the permissions it already has.

“We would suggest Boris comes to Medway and Kent and talks to local people about his Thames estuary airport plan as this would give residents and local politicians a golden opportunity to state why it is the worst possible option.”