Dear All.

Sorry to have a been a bit quiet recently…but I haven’t been that well…again!

On that note I thought I would talk a bit about some of the after effects from Meningitis that affect me…I will do a couple at a time. There are several ways in which I am affected…and these vary vastly between different people…so not all of these will affect everyone…and there will be many other things that affect others.

Headaches…these can strike at any time I have tried to find a link to something but I haven’t found one. They are extremely painful and last from half a day to a week or more. The initial headache is one thing…but it leaves one feeling very “dis-jointed” and a bit space cadet also leaves you with chronic fatigue…it also affects speech, balance, sight and general thinking for days afterwards. As well as making you feel completely wiped out and weak.

Just recently…over the last few months I have been experiencing several of these a week…which has not been good.

Deafness…this is not severe…but it does affect everyday life…coupled with the strange noises it does make hearing really hard. It is not the loss of hearing as such, i think, as i dont always hear the same noises as i would have done. I was lucky enough to get some hearing aids recently which do help in noisy social gatherings.

And as promised I have finally got round to writing about my experiences at my various events this summer. First up…

The London 10km run.

london 10k darrenThis was a brilliant event held in London and you get to run around some of the capitals rather famous landmarks. Everyone from our very small but great running club…Medway Runners went and all thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend anyone to do it.

It is such a huge event…but very well organised.

I have only been running since January…and have only had sporadic training as this year has been really bad with meningitis after effects. I am not sure whether this is due to getting older (I will be 49 at the end of October!) or whether I pushed myself too hard last year with my challenge?

The furthest run I had done non-stop up till then was 7.5km…so was hoping that the atmosphere an other competitors would carry me the rest of the way!

Even with the lack of training etc I was managing quite well until my left Achilles’ tendon decided to go “twang” at about 3 km in…I was coping with that by concentrating on filming (that is another story)…then at about 5km my right Achilles did the same so I had to stop for a while, massaged them a bit and gave them a bit of a stretch…then it was back to it. It turned into a bit of a run/walk…well run/limp really…but I completed it in the end in 1hr 15mins. So not too bad for a non-runner with not much training and dodgy Achilles!