A full report into the recruitment of the “Youth” Police Commissioner has been published today. If you would like to read the full report follow this link. Report in full

Commissioner Ann Barnes

Commissioner Ann Barnes

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, Ann Barnes, today published an Independent Review into the recruitment and selection processes used to appoint Paris Brown in early 2013.

Mrs Barnes promised that such a review would be undertaken when Paris stepped down.

The report, carried out by the University of Central Lancashire, found that the recruitment was a ‘robust, transparent and very well designed and run process.

It also found that the recruitment process satisfied and exceeded high standards expected of any public body. Professional advice of a very high standard was sought and followed and there were frequent checks and balances along the way.

It also clarified that the vetting checks were identical to those carried out for the bulk of posts within Kent Police, and at the time there was no identified reason to seek to go beyond those checks.

Ann Barnes, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner said: ‘This report clearly sets out that the recruitment process used was rigorous and fully complied with the guidelines used across great swathes of the policing and wider public services world. For me, the report conclusions can be summed up as saying that my Office didn’t ask for social networking vetting to be done, and the Force didn’t advise that it should be done. A classic case of something falling between two stools – I take responsibility for this. Lessons have been learnt and it’s now time to move on and recruit for this important role.