Clive Lawrence has posted a question in the “Kent Group” on Linkedin and it strikes me that there is probably a wider scope for canvassing opinion. If you would like to answer Mr Lawrence, I will post your reply in the appropriate place, on your behalf, so that he will see it. Please do not insult, insight, libel or slander anyone in your reply as I will be unable to post on your behalf. Please be quick as the interview he mentions must be tomorrow! Email your response to me at His question is below:

ESTUARY AIRPORT – Opportunity for Kent & Medway business?

Clive Lawrence BBC trained news executive and PR Director

Before the end of the week, I am due to be interviewed by a senior journalist on why north Kent & Medway needs the airport project. My campaign – Demand Regeneration In North Kent (DRINK) – has been pressing the case for more than 18 months and we have generated much support across the region.

We need more, so please take a moment to express your views:

“On balance, the estuary airport project would bring benefits to the area. Yes/No/Undecided.”

Then add a brief comment.

I’ll use as many of these in the interview as possible.


Clive Lawrence
DRINK (Demand Regeneration In North Kent)