The world will soon be at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere in Medway. Over the next 12 months free Wifi will be rolled out, giving anyone in Medway 30 minutes free internet surfing every day, and 24 hour access to online council services.

Wifi is tecnhology that allows electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers to connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves. High streets and other busy areas will be the first to get connected and within one year, the whole of Medway will be online. The move is set to benefit residents and local businesses alike.

Cllr Jane Chitty, Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Strategic Planning and Economic Development said: “This is great news for Medway. It will provide people with great freedom to surf the internet and open up online council services to everyone, all day every day. This is really going to help keep Medway connected.

“This is an example of how Medway Council is keeping up with technology in order to provide the best services for people in the area.” The project is in the very early stages of development and it expected to be complete by this time next year.