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Overnight 22nd – 23rd June

Fort Amherst and the surrounding area has been inhabited for over 3000 years and the area in an around it includes a Saxon burial ground, a Roman mosaic and the original site of old Chatham which was demolished to make way for the fortifications of Fort Amherst. With so much history, the area has very high levels of paranormal activity. More

Ah! Now here’s a prickly one for you, no matter where you live, be it planning for a road, an extension to your house, an airport or even the high street, it is bound to be contentious and fraught with problems at some point during the proceedings. Prepare yourself beforehand because at no point in your life, whether you are planning a day trip or another M25, will you ever satisfy everyone affected by your plan. More

Tuesday 8th November at 7.30pm.
Once again there is an evening of clairvoyance at The Centre of Inner Light in Jubilee Hall, Pottery Road, Hoo. Come along and be with like minded people. We have a different medium every month. Meetings are held every second Tuesday in each month. Entrance £4 pay at the door. Margaret 01634 250796 if you need any more information.

The team of Henry’s Angels from Henry Schein UK Holdings pitched up at the EllenorLions Hospices More


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