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Yoga classes start next month with Medway Community Learning. Yoga for all (progression) starts Tuesday, 5 February at 1.30pm. Yoga for all starts on Tuesday, 12 February at 7.30pm. Both classes are at Rochester Adult Education Centre. To book and for more details phone 01634 338400.

National well-being is about ‘measuring what matters’ – bringing together relevant economic, social and environmental statistics to show how the country is doing overall and how people’s lives are affected by their circumstances. Today the Office for National Statistics has brought together a breadth of information and a new web-based tool to help understand and monitor it – the ‘National Well-being wheel’ – that allows people to see how the nation is doing in the round or focus on particular areas of interest. More

Medway Council needs to update its records about private water supplies within its boundary.
The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009 have been amended and local authorities are now required to monitor and enforce the safety of private water supplies.
The new regulations are to ensure that water from a private water supply is wholesome, and people who drink from a private water supply are not risking their health.
Private water may come from a variety of sources including wells, springs, boreholes and streams.
If you have a private water supply contact the Trading Standards enforcement team on 01634 331684.
More details can be found at


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