Boost energy levels, increase road awareness and save on fuel costs by choosing to walk to school and work this spring.

Schools across Medway are being challenged to take part in two annual walking challenges – Walk to Work Week (9-13 May) and Walk to School Week (16-20 May).

Medway Council’s Road Safety Team is urging school pupils, parents and staff to put their best foot forward and walk to school and work, wherever possible.

The aim of the challenges is for schools to achieve the highest number of walks possible. The school that wins will be presented with a trophy and certificate to celebrate their success.

James Sutton, Safer Journeys Officer said: “We want residents to ask themselves whether going by car is necessary. Walking increases our road awareness and road experience, which is particularly important for children and young people to learn.”

Hazel Gallagher, Active Travel Coordinator said: “We hope we can help people to foster a new found fondness for walking, to improve their health, wallets and also contribute to reducing the number of cars on our roads. This will have a significant impact on a pedestrians journey to make it a much more pleasant and ultimately a safer one.”