Mr Dominic Slingo aged 46 was committed to prison on Tuesday 5 March 2013 and sentenced to 41 days imprisonment for continued non-payment of Council tax totalling £4,471.35.

He was found guilty of culpable neglect at a previous hearing by Dartford Magistrates Court and ordered to pay £160 per month, he failed to pay this and failed to attend the hearing so the Magistrates issued a warrant of commitment in his absence and this was duly executed. Mr Slingo was arrested on 5 March and released on 7 March after his council tax was paid in full.

Cllr John Burden – Leader of Gravesham Council said “Council tax is an essential means of revenue enabling the council and other agencies to provide valuable services on behalf of local residents.” “We appreciate that there may be circumstances where people have difficulties in paying their council tax, it is essential that these people contact the council so that we can work together and prevent cases such as Mr Slingo’s where an individual makes a decision not to pay their council tax resulting in imprisonment.”