This week saw the first movie premiere held at St Mary’s Island School – with films created and produced by pupils and their dads.

Over the last five weeks Abbie and David MacLaren, Connor and Mark Waite, Ronnie and Acer Alldis have worked on a project to produce a short animated film, showing their ability to take on new challenges, work as a team and most of all making learning fun.

Monday’s premiere concluded the programme with a celebration of their works. The evening included a red carpet walkway, pre-show refreshments, popcorn and hotdogs and a showing of the films.

An award presentation followed with Oscar style cupcakes and certificates presented to the children and their dads. Parent feedback included “extremely rewarding” and “a positive experience”. The school’s ICT Network manager Wendy Drobka who delivered the project said: “The course has been a huge success and St Mary’s Island School will continue to engage dads in this way, starting with a new film crew at the start of the new term in September.